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Margarett Marr

Very well done. I was looking for a good, spooky paranormal mystery when I purchased this book, and I was not disappointed. The murder mystery of the past is as intriguing as the contemporary action, and it is difficult to put this book down once you've started reading. Margaret Marr is an excellent writer who knows how to tell a good story. When I finished reading this book, I wasn't ready for it to end. I wanted more, although the story was brought to a totally appropriate ending; there was nothing contrived or "tacked on" about it. Thoroughly satisfying. Buy it; you won't be disappointed.

~Shirley Rivers


A must read for any ghost hunter, treasurer seeker, mystery solver, even the romantic. Great for all ages. You'll enjoy being transported in time, and to places where you would just die to go. And the characters draw you in to experience their emotions as well. I loved this book from the very start. Margaret has a wonderful talent that everyone should explore.

~K. Holland


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