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Margaret Marr

A must read for those who enjoy short thrillers: Bethany is a young girl trapped and injured in the woods, trying to escape her crazed boyfriend, on the brink of death from her injuries. Only one man can save her – Rush, a retired veteran from Iraq. He senses her pain and seeks help from Brody and Helena, the only two people in his home town he can trust… though time is not on their side. From the first chapter, Grave Keeper: Dark of the Moon captures you, feeling the urgency in Rush to find Bethany. Absolutely enjoyed this short story and can’t wait for the next from Margaret Marr.

~ Donna M Broadfield


You’ll have to trust me that I do like this book. Really, I do. It’s different, almost a little awkward because it surrounds a couple of average people going about their plain day-to-day lives. Think of those you see when you walk into your local coffee shop. Everyone is there semi-locked in their thoughts, some interact with small talk, and some sit and mind their own business. You’d never know who’s bored and who’s writing you into their next novel.

Here we have Brody and Helena…each knowing the other and passing time without much more pushing them together. Bring in Rush and life turns on its head and everyone’s in a race against time and death. Who knew the local grave keeper was a psychic. Since coming home from Iraq he’s felt others’ pain. Will his connection to a young woman save her or just find her?

All this within roughly fifty-three electronic pages. A simple straightforward quick read and yet writing this review has haunted me.

Ms. Marr has started a series with an unlikely character…a grave keeper. She’s thrown me into upfront action and I found myself racing to catch up. And like Brody and Helena, I’m trying to figure out Rush and everything as if I’m the one hurrying to save the girl. There’s little time to know if I believe Rush or if I even like the characters, I’m learning about them purely through their story actions and nothing extra.

It works for me. Every time I think of Grave Keeper: Dark of the Moon, my head spins and I wonder what’s happening with Rush.

Yes, this most certainly works for me.

~ Chris at ChitChatReviews


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