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Margaret Marr

5 Stars

The one thing Anna looked forward to in her life was the usually unannounced, visits from her ‘special friend,’ Chris. A man who because of career as a singer, and his overwhelmingly good looks, had a large following of fans. Chris found solace at Anna’s desolated ranch, but they were nothing more than soulful friends, or so they thought. It was when Anna was having trouble loading her Christmas tree into her small car when her eyes caught sight of Ray, and she was seized with an instant attraction. He loaded her tree into his truck and followed her home. She wanted him to stay, but to her disappointment, he didn’t, but this wouldn’t be the last time she saw him.

It seemed that Anna was not only caught between the dilemma of the two men she was drawn to, but now something sinister was plaguing her life. Someone was out to get her, or was it her friend Chris they were after? Anna’s concerns drew to Ray. Despite their somewhat intense interactions, Anna really didn’t know Ray very well, and some things didn’t make sense, like how she’d find Chris and Ray huddled in a conversation they refused to share with her, or how Ray always seemed to show up just after something had happened. What was the dark secret being kept from Anna, and who was she really to fear? Was it her best friend, Chris? Or Ray? Or was there someone else lurking in the dark, waiting for their chance? You’ll have to slowly flip through the pages of “Dark Secrets of The Heart,” to find out, but you won’t be disappointed! I sat up till after 4 in the morning reading this title. It’s one of the very few I’ve read that I just couldn’t put away. It’s intense drawing plot, keeps you drawn to its pages, as you wait for the outcome of each skit. I’d give this read at least a 9- but 5 is as high as it goes. This is a GREAT read!

~ Deanna, GhostWriter, Literary Review


Anna Michaels lives in a small town where life is slow and quiet, and she likes it that way. Her job at Hurley’s Bar means she knows everyone in town, and also keeps many of their secrets. Her best friend, rock star Chris Gentry, is the kind of guy who pops in and out of Anna’s life whenever he needs to get away from the brash, glitzy world of rock music, stardom, and the groupies who plague him. Anna’s only concern is that someone will find out and their safe secret - Chris’s idyllic getaway retreat - will all come tumbling down. Ray Manning is a newcomer into Anna’s life – a rough country guy with the kind of chest Anna just aches to fall asleep on. But at the same time he appears, very strange things start happening.... Shadows in the night, the hint of threats, secrets that seem to dog both Ray and Chris’ past, links between two totally unrelated men that do not gel.

Anna finds her safe, sane, calm world has dissolved into a welter of threats and attacks, with all of them coming under fire from an extremely dangerous and well informed intruder. Possibilities abound, from Ray’s violent brother-in-law, to an old flame of Chris`, but still nothing makes sense. Even the local sheriff has a few skeletons in his closet … and Anna knows about them.

Anna finds herself caught between the love of two men – a rugged country hunk or a sophisticated city slicker. Which one will she choose? Will Anna even survive to make a choice? Both men have strong feelings for her but someone is out to get her. Anna’s life becomes endangered when someone follows Chris to his hideaway, someone with deadly vengeance in their heart, who will stop at nothing to take Anna out of the equation and hit Chris where it hurts the most.

The author creates a spiral of suspense from the start in this dramatic page turner. With gripping moments keeping the momentum and a heroine who deserves only the best, readers of romantic suspense will enjoy this mixture of love, passion, betrayal, and retribution.



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