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Kristi Sayles

5 Stars

The Day I Woke Up As An Ostrich - An Odd Collection for Christians is a wonderful collection of short stories, poems, songs and a provocative look at how some quotes from the bible have been misquoted. There is also a great article on some "Good Reason to Quit Smoking", which will make one stop and think.

The Day I Woke Up as an Ostrich will definitely leave you feeling uplifted and glad you took the time to peek into the pages! It is a quick read and one that you can pick up again and again and take something new away with you. Ms. Sayles has done a marvelous job of sharing her thoughts on what it means to be a Christian and a few other subjects.

~ Carol Durfee


I sat down to read this little book not knowing for sure what I might find, I was pleasantly surprised. Starting off was a Mom and wife who woke up an Ostrich but no one seemed to notice. Hey! I could relate, can't you? That gave me a good chuckle as I relaxed in my read.

Much to my delight this book was packed full of good insight for any Christian as the read turned to advice based on solid Scriptural backing. For example, one topic is "10 Reasons Christians Make the Best Lovers!" Has that wet your appetite? Want to know what those reasons are? I'm not telling!

Do you like to read poetry that has a message but is gentle and tender, you'll find it here much to your enjoyment, along with a listing of gentle correction to those of us who might misquote, misuse or even think a saying is Gospel Truth when it is no where to be found in the Word of God! Interesting!

All in all a quick relaxing and informative read that I think you will enjoy.

~ Shirley Johnson/Reviewer, MidWest Book Review


The Day I Woke Up An Ostrich is a collection of stories and poems, part fiction, part non-fiction, and is true to her own description as “an odd collection for Christians,” except I did not find it that odd. Kristi includes comments on many excerpts from the Old and New Testament, and I consider her something of a scholar, whether she knows it or not. She does not put on airs, and speaks with a charming humility about what’s on her mind. Her story about a dating site and the main character’s experiences with it was funny and fascinating. Kristi mentions that she attends a non-denominational church, and this is a theme throughout. She is not into tight-laced fatheads and displays skill in quoting scripture about the fact that Christians make better lovers. She states that a recent survey showed 85% of Americans are Christians, and suggests that single girls take heart; some of them have to be guys.

~ Jim Brearton, Author & Poet


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