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Betty Sullivan La Pierre

Betty Sullivan LaPierre has perfected the Hawkman mysteries, blending just the right mix of action and intrigue with down-home neighborliness. This tale, as all of Ms. LaPierre’s, gives you several hours of highly enjoyable escape with an exciting wrap-up at the end.

~ Kate Ayers


Another Great Hawkman Mystery!

DIAMONDS aren't FORVER had me on the edge of my seat biting my nails and feeling Hawkman's frustration at coming close to catching Jamey only to have her slip out reach over and over again. And then there's the shadow of Carl Hopkins adding suspense and danger to another fantastic Hawkman mystery.

~ Margaret Marr, Author


I loved reading Diamonds aren’t Forever. Although it’s actually a sequel to Dirty Diamonds, it’s also possible to read the books separately. Again, Betty Sullivan La Pierre did a wonderful job, she absolutely wrote a thrilling story that you’ll love reading from page one till the last! Diamonds aren’t Forever is the 6th book in the Hawkman Series and it’s written in an outstanding way. To put it in short: It’s a marvelous book! Betty Sullivan La Pierre, you have a new fan!!!

~ Sylvie


In Diamonds Aren't Forever, Betty Sullivan La Pierre brings back two unforgettable characters from her book Dirty Diamonds. Con artist Jamey Schyler may have gotten away last time, but will she be as lucky the second time she faces Hawkman?

Ms. LaPierre has written a story that reminds me of the Mickey Spillane stories. Hawkman, as the private detective, has his hands full. The author has a P.I. that you want to keep hearing about and how he solves them. If you like detectives and mysteries, this is the author for you. This is a return of Jamey from her previous book Dirty Diamonds where she eluded Hawkman. Even though this is part of a series it can stand alone. You don't have to read the others, but after reading this one you'll want to, I know I went and got them. I'm glad that Ms. LaPierre has continued her character Hawkman, he's not only likable but lovable. Her characters are a joy to read about and the interaction between them is very believable. The other books in the series are: The Enemy Stalks, Double Trouble, The Silent Scream, Dirty Diamonds and Blackout. 4 Angels

~ Donna


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