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Bryan K. Prosek

Jake Saunders is now a soldier in the Earth’s new military. When he was twelve years old he witnessed the brutal death of his beloved uncle at the hands of a leader from another planet. Unable to help his uncle then he has worked hard to get the revenge he has always craved. Now that he is an adult and in the military he hopes to one day to have the chance to avenge his uncle’s death. Jake finally finds the chance to get that revenge but he is finding that it might come at a higher price than he ever dreamed of. Now the woman he loves, Diane Danielson, and his best friend Cal might pay the price for what Jake has always wanted. Jake has to decide what price is too much to pay before he destroys those he loves and cares for the most.

Diane Danielson is the new ambassador for Earth. Diane has worked hard to get where she is and to have this chance. Everything changes when she and Jake find themselves caught in a government conspiracy that if they aren’t careful just might cost them their lives and the lives of those they care about.

Diane and Jake are going to have to find out just what is going on and who is behind everything if they want a chance to save not only their lives but the lives of their loved ones and a future together. They are going to have to decide just who they can trust because if they trust the wrong person they just might not make it out alive.

This is sci-fi book with elements of romance. It is well written and the world-building is so realistic that the reader has no problem watching the story come to life for them. The mystery in this book will have the reader turning the pages to eagerly see what happens next and that will have them guessing as just who is behind everything that is happening. The story give enough of the back story that the reader will never be lost as to what is happening. This one has an ending that will have the reader hoping that there will be another book after this one.

I give this one 4-1/2 red roses.

~ Larena, Reviewer


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