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Betty Sullivan La Pierre

I really enjoyed reading this nifty spy vs. romantic spy fable set in the Pacific Northwest. It affirms once again, that love is blind.

The story has a nasty sneering villain who hisses and snickers when he speaks. Dogs bite him. He's so mean that even birds peck him.

This novel on cassette is a real mouse clicker and the strongest reason yet for investing in a palm pilot.

~Gene Herd, Exec. Director, Hollywood Radio and Television Society


This is a fast moving story that keeps you involved from the start. The characters are well written, and the dialog very real. The sexual tension between the hero and heroine is kept at a nice peak while the suspense is woven throughout with a fine hand. The birds make for some interesting 'secondary' characters themselves and I'm looking forward to reading the sequel and revisiting Hawkman, Jennifer and their feathered friends.

~ Jaycee


This a new murder mystery story featuring Hawkman as the main character.

Hawkman used to work for the Agency. His name is Tom Casey now after getting a new identity to be protected from the people that want to kill him. He got the name, Hawkman, because he specializes in birds and keeps a hawk he nursed back to health as a pet.

I really like this series with Hawkman and Jennifer. This is a classic murder mystery story. I hope Betty Sullivan continues with many more books to add to this collection because I am hooked!

~ LISA, Lisa’s Book Review


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