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Brett Wallach

5.0 out of 5 stars

Fast-paced and unique, you don't want to wait to see how it ends!

Two separate worlds of a P.I. and rockstar come together in a very entertaining and suspenseful way with just the right dash of humor. The characters come to life in their responses and actions as the mystery unfolds. The story drew me in and kept my attention throughout. There are no slow spots or wasted dialogue to slow the story down. Another must read in the Phil Allman series!

~ Jennifer Givner


Every once in a while, Brett Wallace threatens to quit writing his Phil Allman detective mysteries. If he ever does, he'll be seeing a psychiatrist soon. Because the voices in his head are going to drive him crazy. They're that good and that irresistible, and in FREEZEOUT, they're back! Once again, the plot is wild, the musicology is first-rate, and the dialogue between Wallace's characters is so relentlessly grab-at-you that you wonder what this guy could do if he ever decides to write sit-coms for a living.

~ Dudley Lynch


Detective Brett Wallach is at it again in FREEZE OUT, entangled with an old idol of his, Felix Brigata, whom it appears he has kidnapped and is keeping prisoner. This is what happens when Brett’s hero calls him for help against threats he’s been receiving. Then, suddenly, on one visit to his prisoner, the detective finds the prison empty. The search is on.

With a list of the rock star’s known enemies, Detective Wallach undertakes to rescue the man he’d kidnapped. Considering the enemies list, the PI selects the one most likely and works from there. The villain in the story will come as a surprise. The story is written in a straightforward manner and easy-to-read language, making for a pleasant way to pass the time.

There’s lots of references to the rock stars of bygone days, something that will please fans of tales of rock ‘n’ rollers, while introducing new readers to a slice of life from the past. If one follows this type of music, one will learn how it has changed.

The characters are interesting and realistic, giving the reader a look into how age affects our heroes of the “olden” days. This is a story I’m pleased to recommend to any mystery fan who likes a touch of reality and history from the recent past. It is a story anyone can enjoy.

~ Annie K. Edwards


 I heard somewhere that most people have one book in them, but almost none have two. Wallach has now delivered on four in the P.I. Phil Allman series. Having only read the first and fourth installments, I find myself craving the middle two! A lot has happened in Allman’s development since Jesse Garon, including a more introspective look at his own cynicism, a teenage girlfriend (see Young Blood), and his ongoing love for influential artists.

As the book opens with Allman kidnapping his favorite musician, the fictional Felix Brigati, I wondered how he could manage to dig himself out of the mess. Rarely following the cliché storyline of good vs. bad, rising action to climax and then falling action, or even the feeling of cheering on the main character, Freeze Out instead follows a path of real life. I eventually became so immersed in Phil Allman’s world that I had to go back to the beginning to make sure Felix Brigati wasn’t a real person. Well done by Wallach, and I can’t wait for more!

 ~ Sean Bloomfield


Phil Allman will never be mistaken for Phil Marlowe, but he’s a lot more fun. His life’s plenty messy, featuring two semi-grown daughters with fully developed attitudes; a teenaged ex-wife who disturbs, distracts, and frequently disrobes; an electronics specialist who is the wackiest sidekick since Kato.

Then there’s Phil’s own contribution to the gumbo, which makes it a super spicy dish. What could possess Phil to kidnap his client, the world’s biggest rockstar? You'll find that out as you follow Phil through the contortions of this delightful mystery.

~ George Crowder


Brett Wallach’s FREEZE OUT is the fourth book in the Phil Allman mystery series. I must confess to not having read the first three books. However, thanks to Wallach’s skillful writing I had no trouble following the story. Phil Allman is a middle-aged, twice divorced, ex-cop who ekes out a living as a private investigator. His typical cases involve tracking cheating spouses through the rough and tumble side of Philadelphia. Not surprisingly, Phil has a rather cynical take on the world and his place in it. The one exception to his hard-nosed views is his love of classic rock & roll. He especially loves the working-class anthems of his teenage hero Felix Brigati.

Told in a first-person narrative style FREEZE OUT recalls the early grittier novels of Robert B. Parker’s Spenser series. The tale begins with Allman holding Brigati hostage in a remote Pennsylvania cabin. Brigati, who’s a stand-in for Wallach’s own favorite Bruce Springsteen, amiably discusses the roots of rock & roll with his captor. The conversation kindles something in Allman. He resolves to earn Brigati’s trust by solving the star’s problem with a troubling stalker. Unfortunately, Brigati disappears. To save his hero and his own skin, Allman must find Brigati before the police do. To do so he enters the seedier side of the music business. Unraveling the mystery requires Allman to navigate a labyrinth of greed, jealousy, infidelity, and murder. Wallach adds to the story by filling the narrative and dialog with clever references to classic rock bands and lyrics.

While nothing in Freeze Out will not shock teens, the book is aimed at adults. True to the setting Wallach peppers the dialog with spicy language, primarily f-bombs and sexual references. It contains violence and sex, but the skilled Wallach treats both judiciously. He describes each just enough to ignite the reader’s imagination. There’s no illicit drug use. The scenes with drinking are well within social norms. The book includes a suicide and some internal dialog about killing yourself. In all cases Wallach tastefully handles the subject matter within the scope of the story. As a Hollywood movie Freeze Out would earn an R rating. I highly recommend this well told tale to anyone who enjoys PI novels or has an interest in classic rock & roll.

**In the interest of full disclosure, I received a free copy of this book **

~ Armen Pogharian, Author


First I have to say, this author’s style of writing had me laughing. Laughing in a good way. The subtle and sometimes not so subtle jokes, names, descriptions about a person, or thing in FREEZE OUT were very funny. This guy has got humour rolled onto paper in such a way that it is extremely clever.

This is my first time reading a Phil Allman mystery series. So jumping in on this one as my first choice, paid off. I thoroughly enjoyed this with the clever witty and humorous style that the author places on the story.

I liked how there was not one, but two mystery cases within this book, giving me, and you, the reader, double enjoyment. Unexpected, and I liked that. I’ll be picking up more books from this author as his style of writing, his genius way of which he tells the story, has me hooked. 

The characters are built realistically, giving depth to the story. Even the surroundings and locations were all well described. I’m new to reading mystery, not usually my genre of choice, however on this occasion I could easily and very readily happily add ‘mystery’ into my genres of future reading.

Highly recommend to fans of mystery.

~ Zane Summerfield



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