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Betty Sullivan La Pierre

Imagine you’re being threatened… someone is following every step you take and letting you know what you did during the day… Hawkman normally knows how to handle these things, but this time things get out of hand and pretty soon the Siskiyou County Law Enforcement becomes involved. Betty Sullivan La Pierre has written more suspense stories, this is the ninth one in the Hawkman series. It seems to me that in each Hawkman story, the author has the knowledge of how to put more and more suspense in it. This story is fascinating from the first page till the last. If you like the Hawkman stories, be sure not to miss out on this one! If you haven’t read a Hawkman story yet, try this one, you’ll love it and you will be interested so much that you will want to read the previous ones as well.

~ Annick of Euroreviews


Ms. LaPierre starts the action on the first page and doesn’t let up until the last one. Even the introduction of a precious Ragdoll kitten does little to ease the tension. If anything, concern for their new pet keeps everyone edgy -- but also amused, for the little cat has a bagful of antics guaranteed to make anyone giggle, including Hawkman.

With IN FOR THE KILL, Betty Sullivan LaPierre illustrates the value of love and the waste of hatred. She shows that people working together for a noble cause can triumph over destructive forces driven by malice. It may not always work that way in real life, but one can hope it happens more often than not, and one can be assured that it will in Ms. LaPierre’s winsome, edgy mysteries.

~ Kate Ayers


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