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Cynthia MacGregor

Between these covers is some great advice, lots of common sense, and some down-to-earth ideas.

~ Lenna Buissink, Retired teacher


It’s no secret that kids are growing up much faster these days, with teens forming that they consider serious relationships earlier than ever, while hormones and new emotions rage through their growing bodies. A newly broken-hearted teen might be all too eager to snap, “but you just don’t understand!” to the parent or older friend who tries to help her through a break-up. This book shows that someone really does understand, though. Good, sensible advice aimed at easing the raw emotional pain and dealing with the complex teen social customs surrounding dating and breaking up in the 21st century. An excellent resource both for teens and their parents or other caregivers who might not always know what to say in these tricky situations.

~ Lori A. Paige, Author and college Professor


Cynthia MacGregor has again written a book which is both basic and timely. The subject of teen breakups is forever in our culture and is an important subject to address. Ms. MacGregor does so in a practical yet caring and thoughtful manner. She doesn't preach; she rather gives examples of teen relationships, how they are handled, and what the outcomes are. She acknowledges their pain but explains how that pain will dissipate as times passes. I am anxious for my own teen granddaughters to read "It's Not The End of The World: Breaking Up for Teens."

~ Nancy A. Bailey, Exceptional Student Education Coordinator
Palm Beach County School Board


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