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Live From Your Heart and Mind


Catherine B. Roy

"Catherine B. Roy's "Live from Your Heart and Mind" is a simple, fun, and practical presentation, of many powerful techniques seldom made so accessible. It is an exceptionally researched step-by-step guide for improving your life through cultivating balance in your intellectual and emotional states. Catherine's own personal journey, passion, and unique blend of science and spirituality as an integration thinker will help you discover, that when your heart and mind work together, you can live a fuller and more empowered life, than you ever imagined!"

~ Bryant McGill, New York Times, Wall Street Journal and USA Today Bestselling Author

United Nations appointed Global Champion and a Nobel Peace Prize Nominee


"As I read one by one the pages of "Live from Your Heart and Mind", I was able to feel the love behind the words, the feelings behind the thoughts, and the heart behind the mind that created it. It is my wish that you take full advantage of all the innovative, effective yet entertaining keys and formulas Catherine shares here with you. There has never been a better time and greater opportunity than right now to become a creative force in this world and achieve true success and happiness in your life. Use this book as a reliable guide that will enrich your life in all ways. Turn the page. Begin using your mind and your heart to create only the best. The world counts on YOU..."

~ Roxana Jones,
Bestselling, Multi-Award Winning Author


"Live from Your Heart and Mind" (LHM) system works! What Catherine B.Roy has created here is more than just a well written self-help book that can help people improve their lives and relationships as needed. It is a clear, easy-to-understand and practical system that anyone anywhere can apply. To complete success!"

~ Patrick P. Stafford, Author & Poet


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