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Vince Nolan

“LOVE HAPPENS by Vince Nolan, is an interesting and entertaining read. In this light-hearted fantasy, we get to enter the world of magic, and see what happens when a genie and a witch meet and fall in love.

“I found this story both entertaining and absorbing, and was sorry to see it end. The characters are likable and fun, and the narrative is free of the kind of negative events we often hear about these days.

“I heartily recommend LOVE HAPPENS and eagerly await more from this author. Bravo, Vince Nolan!”

~ Jason-Cristofe Marcello, DDiv


“Is love ‘all around’? Is it blind’? Is it ‘right around the corner’? There are no easy answers. But what is certain is is there. You just need to know where to find it. Such is the case for two star-crossed lovers in LOVE HAPPENS by Vince Nolan, a sweet, well-written approach to a not-too-typical love story, set in the real world about two magical characters from different cultures. Witches and genies are forbidden contact, let alone marriage. But once this charming pair decide to make it work, they’re faced with a new hurtle – their future fathers-in-law...who are none too pleased with the couple’s decision.

“LOVE HAPPENS is just happening. Will they be strong enough to overcome the hurdles placed in their paths? If their love is true and from the heart, no matter the circumstances, then LOVE can HAPPEN! So just sit back, hang on, and enjoy the story unfold as this determined pair face obstacles that put their love to the ultimate test.”

~ Duane Brodnick


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