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Sharon Kull

I always enjoy a good humor read and this one was over the top. In this book, we meet two sisters in their sixties, Maxcine and Isabel. The husbands of these two funny ladies decided to have a mid-life fling and spread their wings, so to speak. Unfortunately, they were caught, and found themselves without their marriage partners, leaving the ladies living out their lives together in one home.

The story takes wings when the ladies decide to make advance travel plans to leave this world in their timing, if St. Pete allows. Of course, they will first have to undergo an intense interview with his worker, Angela. This interview will be long and extensive, and perhaps shine the spotlight on some areas that really doesn't need light shone. It is through this time that the ladies begin to tell tales of their lives, always trying to shade off the more 'colorful' parts with out much success. I giggled myself silly over some of their antics and their stories always left their interviewer – and if the truth by known, myself as well – with wide-eyed amazement, but that was part of the charm of this story.

This was a funny tale, with two very entertaining ladies taking the spotlight, and it was packed full of surprises that will definitely entertain you. Who could guess what they were going to come out with next. Quite amusing! Do they fly away to Glory before their true appointed time, or is there more to that story than meets the eye? You'll have to read this laugh-out-loud book to find out. If you like to giggle, this book is for you. Well done! Thanks for the laughs, a very welcome emotion.

~ Shirley Johnson/Senior Reviewer
MidWest Book Review


I think I know these two: the characters are so well-drawn that they remind me of two old neighbours of years back. My neighbours plotted the same devious schemes, moaned about the same inept politicians and had similar wry if somewhat dark humour. In addition, both shared the same disrespect for and proximity to eternity. Apart from that, the story was novel, funny and a page-turner. A clipboard toting angel checking on potential candidates for the big outing in the sky on behalf of Saint Peter is both fresh and highly amusing; the two old girls' reaction even funnier. Well done, Ms. Kull.

~ John Spencer, Author


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