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Christopher Carr

A series of gruesome murders in the Midwest seems to be connected to the shooting deaths of four Kent State students by the Ohio National Guard in 1970. But how? MAYDAY features a creepy, crazy villain, a beautiful Eurasian heroine on the case as an FBI agent who begins to fear that her absent father is involved in the murders, flashbacks to Vietnam and to that fateful day at Kent State, and a final nail-biting chase scene leading back to a nearby campus 40 years later. A unique premise; exciting and fast-paced.

– T. Welch., Professional Book Editor


MAYDAY is very descriptive, creates a visual sense of where every scene is taking place, and the action is very progressive…moving the story forward at a fast pace. Beyond his true life experience, it is obvious Mr. Carr has done his research and created an exciting and well written novel.

~ Ryan Nehlen, Writer, Editor-at-large, Film and book critic


MAYDAY is an exciting, fast-paced story that takes a different look at the events of Kent State University on May 4th 1970. I thoroughly enjoyed the novel – especially the personal twist that takes place for the main character (Skye Blu) and it also leaves room for a sequel.

~ BV, Northport, NY


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