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Armen Pogharian

MISALIGNED: THE CELTIC CONNECTION by Armen Pogharian is a wonderful book for both teens and preteens. The two main characters are thirteen years old, and their friendship is endearing and believable. The story also features a cantankerous raven, a mysterious cat with magical powers, and a marvelous grandmother (I’m partial to grandmothers) who doles out just the right information at the right time. I sincerely hope we see more of her in upcoming books.

MISALIGNED: THE CELTIC CONNECTION has all the earmarks of the hero’s journey. Penny has no idea that she is special until she is thrust into a magical showdown that threatens the world. Overwhelmed and alone, she struggles to maintain her schoolwork while training in trans-dimensional portals—until her best friend discovers her secret and offers unflagging support.

The story takes side excursions into Celtic folklore and Arthurian legend, which I found quite interesting. In fact, I enjoyed the book so much, I read it twice in short order. Highly recommended.

~ Roxanne Smolen, Author


Misaligned: The Celtic Connection is a brilliant combination of modern fantasy, Celtic myth and Arthurian legend. When the shadows from Penny's recurring nightmares creep up on her during school lunch, she hurls her tapioca at them. Although she isn't blamed for the ensuing tapioca fight, she is introduced into a whole new world of other dimensions, portals and creatures of legend. Add to this a talking raven and an ambitious archeologist and Penny, together with her friend Duncan, her cat Simon, and their science teacher Mr. Myrdin enter into a highly exciting and dangerous adventure.

Wow, did I enjoy this book! Apart from the general excitement, action and suspense of the story, the author keeps it utterly fascinating with vivid and frequent descriptions of Celtic customs and druidic rituals. He skillfully incorporates a legend concerning King Arthur, his knights and Merlin into this story. Throw into the tale some mythical creatures like Cait Sith, a Grimalkin and the Bodach and "Misaligned: The Celtic Connection" is a book that you wouldn't want to put down.

The characters are absolutely realistic. Penny Preston, the main character, and her friend Duncan are about thirteen to fourteen years old and they behave like young people their age should. Neither highly popular nor completely unpopular, Penny is just a normal school girl with a talent for swimming and a desire to excel at her school work.

While Penny, Duncan and Mr. Myrdin are trying to prevent disaster, a highly ambitious archeologist is making a deal with a being from another dimension in order to achieve her goals. Too bad Scotland Yard and the FBI are looking for the link to a major ring of antiquities smugglers.

Suitable for readers of all ages, this book will keep you on the edge of your seat and begging for more. Five stars for a brilliant, unique and extremely interesting book.

~ Ellen Fritz,
(South Africa)


Misaligned: The Celtic Connection is a unique and fun read. Pogharian's first novel grabs the reader from the prologue with hints of the whole hierarchy of 'dimensions' then rolls into a great, fast paced story. The characters are interesting as we see them experience the amazing events that Penny's misaligned status leads them into and the equally interesting events of a normal adolescent. I recommend Misaligned for anyone who enjoys fantasy adventure stories and especially for teen and preteen readers.

~ Jim Verdier


Very interesting… the characters came alive and held my attention.

~ M.A. Garth


Totally enjoyed Misaligned: The Celtic Connection; intriguing characters, and interesting settings to explore. I had fun learning while reading as Armen's inventive plot takes you to fascinating real-world places. Highly recommend this book for teens and pre-teens.

~ Cathy Gorton


Diabolic entertainment! Author Armen Pogharian brings down the house with his new novel. Misaligned: The Celtic Connection will usher you through a whirlwind of mind-blowing action. With each turn of the page, mystical adventures captivate the reader vicariously through thirteen year-old Penny Preston, whose wicked nightmare becomes reality, forcing her to use her misalignment with our universe to save it from all-powerful, extra-dimensional beings. An outstanding read! You won’t be able to put down!

~ Karen Vance Hammond, Author


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