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Debi Staples

My Charlie Brown Life reveals the journey of Debi Staples as she contends with the peaks and valleys of life while struggling to discover her spiritual identity. It’s a compelling story with a strong motivational message. Debi took a lot of hits along the way. But through it all, she continued her pursuit of spiritual enlightenment and understanding. It turned out to be quite a ride. As Charlie Brown might have said, “You don't know where you're going until you know where you've been.”

~ J.S. Bradford, Author 


dI didn’t read this book, I gobbled it up. As a person who all too often over-thinks the basics and allows life’s nonsense to suck me into a funnel of fury, this book not only simplifies the things that many of us grapple with, but also invites the reader on a life journey. Talking about God is generally thought of as taboo… this book did a lot of demystifying in this realm. The parallels drawn against the Charlie Brown characters were spot-on and perfectly described. It’s hard to find authors who can make you feel like you are inside the book versus spectating and Debi has done just that. Raw truth, humor, pain, the hard questions we all have, the answers that are hard to find … you get all of this in “My Charlie Brown Life”. AMAZING READ!

~ Trish Iavarone, Author


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