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Shane Ward

"...nothing short of brilliant..."

Shane Ward's The Philosophy of the Tarot for the 21st Century is a rather unique work. Its purpose is not to teach us how to read Tarot, but rather how to apply its universal philosophies to everyday life in a society plagued by change and crisis. For the most part, the author succeeds at this task.

The philosophy behind each of 22 Major Arcana is illustrated with useful analogies and examples that allow even a novice to appreciate the wisdom that the Tarot brings. Though the commentaries on the Minor Arcana are shorter, the majority of them still contain the same down-to-earth explanation of how each card relates to every day challenges.

Ward has no qualms about dealing with the touchy subjects of poverty and crime, and he does not sugar-coat his explorations into the nature of Justice or the Hanged Man, both of which could easily offend some members of our Western society. However, this frankness can become troublesome at times, particularly when he expresses his opinions of government and religion. His opinions, inflammatory at best, are most often presented as facts, rather than a single person's viewpoint. ...

Some of his insights are nothing short of brilliant, and his chapters on such cards as the Devil and the Five of Pentacles show valuable insight on a number of levels. In fact, the author seems to have a remarkable grasp of the Pentacles suit of the whole, and from the text I glean that he has learned its lessons the hard way...

~ James Rioux, Certified Professional Tarot Reader


A few weeks ago, I was walking through the French Quarter in New Orleans and I came across a lady offering to read Tarot cards. I passed on her offer, but walked away remembering that Shane Ward’s book was one I wanted to read. When I got home, I moved Shane’s book to the top of the pile and was soon deeply involved in the mysteries of the Tarot.

Shane effortlessly induces the reader to reflect on the 22 Major and 56 Minor Arcana. In describing the classic illustrations, he teaches us how the cards harmoniously relate to each other in helping us understand and appreciate the evolving lessons of life. The lessons revealed are instructive, revealing, motivational—and, as Shane points out, hardly black magic.

Shane reminds us that the philosophy of the tarot spans the lifetime of the soul, an inspirational observation that would, I suspect, appeal to most of us. On that note of enlightenment, I urge you to read Shane’s book and find out for yourself exactly what is in the cards. In the words of Shane, “I wish you all good luck in your journey through life.”

~ John S. Bradford, Author


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