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PG Forte

Scent of the Roses is an incredible read. I fell in love with Ms. Forte's characters from the first page. She's woven a wonderful tale of friendship, love, mystery and magic, which combined, creates an intriguing and captivating story. Definitely worth all five stars.

~ Kathryn Bryan


I loved this book! Ms. Forte has a wonderful way with words and kept me reading into the wee, small hours of the morning. It's great to see engaging characters and a moving storyline from all aspects, friendship, love and mystery, from a new author. Scent of Roses is a must buy in this reader's opinion.

~ Jodi Lynn Copeland


SCENT OF ROSES by P.G. Forte is an intriguing mystery filled with exceptional minds, old mental anguish and murder. It is a long read, but so very interesting I didn't notice as I kept turning the pages. The story that unfolds kept me glued to the novel as this small town's problems from the past and present unfold. P.G. Forte is an exceptional writer to bring the different personalities of these many characters into the story. I recommend her writing to anyone who likes this genre.

Overall rating: 4 Hearts

Sensuality rating: Mildly sensual

~ Mariah, Marketing Director, The Romance Studio


I was introduced to the work of P. G. Forte by her non-series novel, Waiting for the Big One. I knew at once that this would be an author to watch, and my intuition has been definitively validated by this first in the nine-volume Oberon Chronicles series. The Chronicles reminds me of Peyton Place {the novel, not the movie} if that book had been deeper into its characters. By this I mean that Ms. Forte has instituted an astounding feat of world-building with the town of Oberon, California; and if the remaining works in the series match up to the quality of the first, then the entire series will remain on my “virtual shelf” as reads, rereads, and long-term keepers.

~ Annie, Euro Reviews


When Scout was hypnotised, I was gripped! These scenes moved along swiftly, and I found I couldn't stop reading once I started. I was fascinated by the intricate way P.G Forte weaved the regression and journey through the subconscious. I found my heart hammering once things from the past started to become clearer, and I wished my eyes could have gone from side to side just a little more quickly!

Okay, so I didn't expect to be crying when I finished this book! I just don't do crying when reading books anymore! Well, I like to think that a book won't make me cry with regards to romance. I get a little tearful at other things in books these days, so to get choked up regarding love and the mushy stuff just isn't me. That all changed when I reached the end of this story.

~ Michelle Ellis, Wild Child Publishing


Ms. Forte has a fine way with words. With one sentence, "She looked so much less like an axe murderer than she had the night before." she manages to sum up both a character's nervous hysteria, and her perception of Scout. Humorous irony tinges many of her observations. Some of the characters, such as Lucy Cavanaugh, the manipulative friend, have such strength that they force their way off the page and into the reader's living room.

~ Jeanette Cottrell, eBooks Reviews Weekly


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