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Will Molinar

Young Jazlo Kipling is studying to be a priest when his friends ask him to join the war against the undead. Though he longs for excitement, he’s undecided. Jazlo doesn’t want to disappoint Father Mathis, who has been a father to him since he plucked him from the streets at seven years old. Yet he joins the war and faces horrors he never thought he’d see in his lifetime.

Commander Barrobos Divalsky has been a rebel fighter for years. He lost his arm in a battle against Marcus Ravenholt, an ancient vampire, who wants to wipe out all of humanity to replace them with his minions. Barrobos knows his enemy well and others would do well to follow him, but there are those in the ranks that can’t be trusted.

Shadows in the Dust is an epic battle between good and evil. Mankind is on the brink of extinction unless a faithful few can turn the tide of the wicked as it washes toward them. Barrobos and Jazlo are well-developed characters fighting their own inner demons while going to battle against something malevolent and seemingly unbeatable. Barrobos’s manner of speaking was a bit distracting, though. And Marcus doesn’t seem to know what he wants. One minute, he’s pure evil and ready to destroy them all, and the next he’s on the brink of despair and ready to give up.

Those who love a good battle against vampires and wolves and zombies, controlled by a vampire, will love Shadows in the Dust. The battle scenes are pure adrenaline, great for entertainment on a slow weekend afternoon when it’s too cold to go outside. Filled with a little magic and creatures found in the bowels of the vampire’s castle, this book will keep you captivated to the end.

~ Margaret Marr, Paranormal Author


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