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D.B. Woodling

“I typically read crime novels. I decided to give a western a glad I did!! SHANNON’S LAND is a wonderfully written book that drops you directly into the 1800s. Full of grit, yet stirs up enough emotion to bring a tear to your eye.”

~ Doug J. Henson, Harrisonville, MO


The characters of SHANNON’S LAND jump off the pages! Early on, I developed feelings for the main character, agonizing over her adversities, sympathizing with her struggle to protect her child under, oftentimes, harrowing circumstances. The book starts off strong, but rapidly picks up even more momentum. I couldn’t put it down. And what a fantastic read for history buffs… a perfect blend of fact and fiction!

~ Vickie S., Ocala, Florida


The storyline of SHANNON’S LAND was intriguing, but I had no idea that I was about to be captivated by a down-on-her-luck but very determined lady of the Old West. This book captures the emotion of the period and, of course, a hero or two.

~ Rick B., Kearney, MO


An author has to really earn my attention from the opening paragraph. I’m simply too busy to waste precious time reading a mediocre novel. Shannon’s Land is one of the few I’ve read cover to cover. D. B. Woodling masterfully breathes life into complicated characters and situations while managing to incorporate the perfect amount of historical reference.

~ J. H.W., Irvine, CA 


SHANNON’S LAND is a frontier western that ripples with rollicking action. Miss Shannon is a feisty handful who has the guts and brains to defend herself from the deadly villain who aspires to steal her land. But she could use a little help. And she gets it from Luke Richards, who's fast on the draw with both a Colt Revolver and a charming smile. The combination is lethal in more ways than one and that includes the great dialogue, which brings it all together.

~ J.S. Bradford


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