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Irene Woodbury

Written in the first person so that you hear the main character’s voice, inner thoughts and feelings, author Irene Woodbury allows the reader to experience the events first hand along with the main character, Wendy Sinclair. Writing in the first person is difficult and for a debut novel the author took on a really difficult task. However, it does help the reader identify better with the main character and experience some of what she is going through along with her.

The author brings to light many issues that others face today. The time span is much longer than one month and the characters after a while do make you angry. There are times I want to shake Wendy and tell her to grow up. She seems to be reacting to losing her job and having to move to a place she feels uncomfortable in. Never really trying to assimilate in her new environment and knowing that Roger had his new job and had to complete his project, you understand her frustrations about feeling alone and not wanting to be cast as a stilted figure who has to follow the rules of those in her community. But up and leaving does not sound like the right solution. It is more like escaping reality and not facing the problems.

Midlife crisis or married to the wrong man from the start? Seven-year relationship and a fast marriage that turned into a two-year separation. End result: What happens in Vegas there stays there and I won’t divulge the ending. Humorous, sad, interesting, enlightening and quite different to say the least.

This book is fast-paced, funny and definitely a quick read. This book gets 4 and a half stars.

~ Fran Lewis, Reviewer


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