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Shane Ward

Anyone thinking of giving up smoking would do well to buy this book. Written by the author Shane Ward as he gave up smoking himself, [Stop Smoking: Diary of a Quitter] takes you through what is actually a horrible mental and physical addiction. He does this with a stage by stage account of where you are within the process but with an entertaining slant in the way he writes. I had not succeeded in many previous attempts to give up with tablets, chewing gum and patches. .. then I was informed of this book by a friend, who knew the author personally. I decided to give the book a try and the result was I now haven’t smoked for nearly 3 years now and have no want to change back ever. I know how impossible it feels to face giving up if you have little will power. If I did it, believe me, it’s not so hard with the right supports.

~ Steve Bristow, UK


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