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Steven Fisher

A Very Strange Land is the first of a set of books designed for pre-teen girls. The first story takes place at a riding school in a land called Merryvale, a realm of oddities, flying horses, and wonderfully bad puns. There is a very strange riding instructress, encouraging parents, and a lesson to be learned: that with confidence, one can do anything, particularly if you use considerable style and grace.

A totally delightful read.

~ Amazing Authors Showcase

In this tale, we meet two little girls – Sarah and Lorelei – who ride horses. They received an invitation to ride in a horseshow, but they are not familiar with the town or the stables where it is being held.

The girls talk Lorelei's father into taking them to the show and the adventure begins as they end up far above the clouds in a strange land called Merryvale, where horses fly and nothing is really the way you think it is.

In this book, we are introduced to a very strange land, indeed. It is high up in the heaven's… or is it? Everything seems to be opposite of the way it should be – horses fl, as do some people… and is Merryvale really a place or a person that is both a person and a place? Yes, it can be confusing but yet has a way of luring you in the story and making you wonder just what is going on? The characters are different to say the least, yet that is what makes the charm in this tale.

As you keep reading you truly start to understand that 'different' is what this story is all about.

It is adventure in an almost Oz land with characters that are both loveable and annoying at the same time, but the clincher is this works and you definitely keep reading finding yourself immersed in the story. I liked it and look forward to book two (Seeking Sarah) to see what else is happening in this land of wonder.

~ Shirley Johnson/Senior Reviewer
MidWest Book Review


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