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Velda Brotherton

Velda Brotherton has done it again—weaved romance, mystery and the paranormal into one action-packed story complete with twists and turns that will keep the reader guessing right up to the end. Wolf Song is not only a testament to Brotherton’s writing talents and delightful voice but to her deep appreciation and understanding of the connection between mankind, nature, and the spirit world as well. No wonder she is a Willa Award winning author.

~ Ruth Burkett Weeks, Author


Velda Brotherton is adept at placing the reader in each scene as a witness, feeling the sadness, the fear, the love, the romance and the fear. The wolves come alive as human, able to feel and express. She pegged the paranormal to a tee in this vibrant story of love outside the perimeters of social acceptance. Wolf Song indeed sings.

~ Libby Orendorf, Author


From the opening scene, "Wolf Song" does sing. Brotherton's writing easily creates three-dimensional characters, both good and bad, and a vivid picture of this little valley town in Wyoming between the Grand Teton and Wind River mountains. A variety of events leads the reader through Liv's problems with her sister, the mysterious Cheyenne, a man called Singer, her best (and only) friend Ginni's work with wolf restoration, and the threats from ranchers and hunting guides that Ginni's blog provokes. The threats are followed by slaughtered wolves and a fire at Liv's cabin, and then things start getting really interesting.

With a matter of life and death, a sexy romance with what may be a shape-shifter, and the mystery of who is targeting both wolves and the people who are trying to save them, "Wolf Song" has something for every reader, both YA and adult.

~ Lori Orser, Author, Spooky Creepy North Dakota


Olivia Dahl has spent the last few years visiting with her sister who lives in a vegetative state in a hospital after an accident that Olivia caused. She pushed all of her friends out of her life and won’t listen to doctors who suggests she needs to take her sister off of life-support. Olivia is not ready to let go. Guilt holds her back.

Lately, she’s being haunted by dreams of running free with a wolf pack. Then she encounters a ghost in the basement of the Mountain Man Museum where she works. Wolf Shadow, the ghost, is of the Cheyenne tribe, who shifts into a wolf. Wolf Shadow wants something from her and urges her to set her sister free. Sexual attraction heats up between them, but Olivia is sure she’s losing her mind because she’s seeing ghosts and shapeshifters.

Her friend, Ginni, runs a blog about protecting wolves, which some people in the area don’t appreciate. As the debate between farmers and those who protect the wolves heats up, Olivia gets caught in the middle where it’s dangerous and threats stalk her and her friend Ginni. Farmers want the wolves gone and aren’t above killing them illegally to get rid of them. They feel the same way about Olivia and Ginni because they won’t shut down the blog.

Though I found it a little difficult to warm up to Olivia (I thought her selfish for not letting her sister go when it was clear that she would never wake up), I enjoyed “Wolf Song”. The story was intriguing, well-written, and held my interest. Ginni was a likeable character that added life to the plot. Singer was fascinating, but a little weird. I didn’t know how to take him and couldn’t find him attractive. Wolf Shadow, on the other hand, was mysterious, attractive, and somewhat spooky.

All in all, this is a good book, with a few surprises, to spend a lazy afternoon reading.

~ Margaret Marr, Paranormal Author


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