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Instant Story Creator for Kids
by Kristi Sayles

Instant Story Creator

What do you get when you purchase "Instant Story Creator?" You get an instant download of the entire program that will walk students step-by-step through the process of writing an enjoyable, complete story.

This is a simple, interactive program that requests that students generate responses to questions and then type them into the boxes provided. Some of the boxes are simply for brainstorming, but the real magic of the program becomes apparent after the student has replied to the Title, Beginning, Middle, and End boxes.

The student is prompted to push a button. When he or she does, the entire story pops up in the final box, ready to copy, edit, revise and publish.(Incidentally, this step is Number Seven. Every student needs to learn that good writing includes rewriting. Don't you agree?)

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Instant Story Creator for Kids
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