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You Wrote a Book!
That’s just the first step. Once you’ve gone through the editing and polishing, it's time to figure out if having a publisher is the right move for you. Or perhaps you’ve gone that route but prefer to keep a higher percentage of your royalties. After all, you’ve already had experience with marketing yourself and your work. Maybe now it’s time to go the route of self-publishing. But even if you are an expert at marketing, if your book does not look professional, you probably won’t sell many copies beyond those for close friends and family. And many retailers frown on self-published books on principal, some of them going so far as to flat-out refuse to stock self-published books at all, no matter the genre.

Let us take that worry away. YourSpecs - Your Self-Publishing Ebook Conversion Service - can remove the stigma of self-publishing by converting your book into a professional final product. YourSpecs will be listed as your publisher... which will give you the status of having a publishing house behind you... we'll even assign you an ISBN number for both digital and print… and the best part... get to keep 100% of your royalties!

YourSpecs* will convert your book into the 3 standard digital formats available today: .pdf (Adobe), .mobi (Kindle), ePub (Nook/iPad) and add the digital conversion for SmashWords (Sony/Apple/Oyster). We will design a professional cover for you. And we’ll even upload your book to Amazon Kindle, Barnes & Noble, KOBO and SmashWords! And of course your print book will be available on Amazon.

Then it’s all up to you what happens next! (See the FAQs section above if you still have questions.) View our CATALOG to see what your final product will look like.  And check out our TESTIMONIALS of satisfied customers.

How do you get started? Read through our CONVERSION PACKAGE (below).
Then contact us at using this form (copy & paste into the body of your email) and your contract will be sent you via email:

Name of Work: _______________________

Author's Name: _________________________

Penname (if applicable): ________________________

Payment will be sent ____ via check   ____ money order  ___ PayPal

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