Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I pay someone to convert my book to electronic/digital format?
You can opt to convert your book into digital (and print) format yourself, but it is time-consuming, especially if you want it done right. You do not want your book to have low sales because it cannot be downloaded or it is not easy to read on any of today’s digital readers. At YourSpecs, your files will go through a variety of quality checks to insure the results match your expectations in formatting and quality. This insures customer satisfaction from you, to your customers, which means less refunds and more sales. And your readers will be more apt to purchase another book by you in the future.

Why should I choose YourSpecs over the other Conversion Services?

EXPERIENCE: is an imprint of SynergEbooks –" – which has converted its titles into the most popular digital formats for more than 1000 titles over the last 17 years. We know what we’re doing.
(b) COST:
Many conversion services are offered elsewhere are priced according to the page count, as well as the complexity of your book. We offer one flat fee at a more than competitive price; there are no hidden fees. Plus, included in the package is an ISBN number and full-color cover, which alone can cost you more than $1000. If you prefer to have someone else take care of all aspects of your book, including marketing, then we recommend you choose a different service, but if you want to be a more integral part of the publishing process, this is one of the best – and most cost-effective – ways to go.
(c) SPEED:
Your book can be converted and uploaded to the various retailers within 10 business days after payment is received. Within 30 days or less, your book can be on all the major retail sites in digital and paperback format!

Need more convincing? Check out our TESTIMONIALS page.

Why do I need an ISBN number for my book?
Most online retailers require that your Books be assigned an ISBN number. Brick and mortar stores (such as Barnes & Noble or BooksAMillion) require that your print book have an ISBN number. And you need a different ISBN number for each format, because the industry standard states that if your book differs enough to change the end user’s experience, the ISBNs in the supply chain need to be unique. If you have a new edition of your book published, then you would need a new ISBN for that as well.

Do I have to use one of YourSpecs' ISBN numbers for my book?
Yes. Your book is being published by YourSpecs, therefore you will need to use a YourSpecs ISBN number.

What about Copyrights?
As the author, you are responsible for copyrighting your material. You can simply include the words “Copyright by”, along with your name and the year your manuscript was completed, or you can visit and get a Library of Congress number, which should be included in your Word document when you submit your final manuscript for conversion. You will need a different LOC number for each format.

What is EPUB format?
The EPUB is a popular vendor-independent XML-based e-book format. EPUBs can be read at least by primary eReaders, such as: Kobo eReader, Apple's iBooks, Barnes and Noble’s Nook, and the Sony Reader.

What is MOBI format?
The Mobipocket file format is that of a standard Palm Database Format file and can be read mainly on Amazon’s Kindle.

Why do you not offer conversion of Children’s Books?
Formatting books that contain more illustrations then text is a complex service that we are not ready to provide at this time for this rate. The current packages also do not include other heavy formatting, such as lists, tables, footnotes,  menus, question/answers, math, block quotes, boxed text, and sidebars.

Do you offer EDITING services?
Editing is not part of the current conversion packages. Though it would be in your best interest to find an editor before submitting your work to be converted. We do offer a list of professional editors, many of whom are also published authors in their own right, on the website.

Can I Provide My Own Cover?
As long as the cover complies with the requirements, you can certainly provide your own. The cover needs to have the complete title (including subtitle and Book number, if applicable), plus the author’s name. It needs to be a JPG file created in at least 150 DPI for digital – 300 DPI for print (a full print cover will need to be procided according to spec in PDF format as well). If you want to provide a full print cover (front, back, spine), you will need to have the dimensions and final page count before submitting. Your full print cover must be sent via our DropBox (instructions will be provided).

How do I Recieve my Royalties?
At the beginning of each month, YourSpecs will send you a Royalty Statement via email in Excel format. If your book has had 1 or more sales, they will be itemized on your Statement and your payment will be sent to you via PayPal (or you can opt to have a check sent). If your book has made only 1 sale, you will receive a Statement, but payment will be forwarded until the next month you have a sale.

What do I do if I want changes made to my book at a later date?
YourSpecs will send you all of your files once the final product has been created and approved by you. After 30 days, those files will be deleted from our servers, so be sure to keep your work. If you want changes made to your books after that time, additional fees will be charged (see Price Chart).

How do I pay for the Conversion Service Package that I choose?
Once you've decided which package you want, we ask you to print out 2 copies of the contract, fill them out, and mail them to the address given, along with a check or money order. Once your contract has been received, if  a check or money order is not enclosed, a payment request will be sent to your email address via PayPal.
Once payment is received, your signed contract will be returned to you and the publishing process will begin.

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