Though created in 2015, YourSpecs is an imprint of SynergEbooks, which has been in business since 1999. That means your book will have more than 16 years of experience in converting books into the various digital formats, and into print (POD). Check out these testimonials to see what we mean!

In 2013, SynergEbooks published the paper version of BUYING THE BANGKOK GIRL. Debi Staples' professionalism and encouragement turned the whole process into a delight. Physically well-constructed, the paper version catches the eye and attracts readers.

~ Phil Smith


I've been very satisfied with the printing of my book, ANCIENT CANADA. It's got a very high word count (215,000 or so) but we were able to put it in print, sell it for less than $11, and still make a profit. And the print quality is great!

~ Clinton Festa


I have been very pleased with the digital formatting service for my book, THE THOMAS BRENT ADVENTURES. I am also pleased with the print conversion and the incorporation of my graphics in print. The quality of the products was professional grade.

~ Robert L. Love


I have read my books, PATSY and THE CAT CAME BACK, in Kindle and Nook format and I am more than pleased. The covers looked great - digital and print. I can't imagine better support or service all the way through the process.

~ Dave Hinrichs


Being an author with SynergEbooks is a remarkable experience. The publishing process for my books, 52 CHILDREN’s MOMENTS and JESUS IS BORN, has been efficient and quality-driven, resulting in books that are marketable, put together well, and attractive to buyers. When I needed cover art for one of my books, I was connected with a graphic artist who took my painting on canvas and added the finishing touches to make it a book cover that is both professional and sleek. This type of interaction between the authors and other professionals puts the best the market has to offer at the author’s fingertips. I cannot imagine publishing with anyone other than SynergEbooks. They stand head and shoulders above anyone else with whom I have worked.

~ Elaine Schneider


Great service. No delays, no surprises, no problems. I've had several novels converted and it's always been a positive experience. I have a new novel in the pipeline and I have zero interest in going anywhere else because I know the job will be done right so I can concentrate on my next project.

~ J.S. Bradford, Author of The Broken Covenant Trilogy, the No Asylum series, Grail Tail and the Blood & Treasure series


The publisher and process of converting my book, OFF THE GRID, have been extremely inviting and easy going, especially for an author with a disability. Overall, it's just been an epic experience.

~ Robert Kingett


First, let me say that the production team for my book, TWELVE TINY TALES, was absolutely fantastic! Everything from staying in contact, keeping me informed, quick turn-around on the cover design.... it was all absolutely fantastic! I love this company.

~ Theresa Koch


As a writer I appreciate the work of converting a manuscript to either a eBook or a print version. It takes a great deal of work and I do not suffer the costs. Selection of the wonderful covers is another example of what the publisher does and I do not incur the costs! The conversion is done in a very professional and artistic manner and I appreciate it! I have been writing for the past fifty years and I know a pro when I see one!

~ Joe Freitus, Author of Yankee Privateers, A Place Called Groton and Winged Coronet


The company is professional, easy to work with, and reliable. By adding the conversion process, SynergEbooks has made it much easier for authors to turn their manuscripts into quality books they can be proud of.

~ Velda Brotherton, Author of Wolf Song


In going with the times, my novel, NIGHT TERRORS: A COLLECTION OF SHORT STORIES, has been converted to digital format! Words can't express how pleased I am with the finished product! I must say, I am an avid reader and love the feel of a paperback book, but electronic display is much more convenient! Many thanks to Debi Staples and YourSpecs for expanding reading options for my novel!

~ Barbara Valletto


SynergEbooks published my Historical/Civil War novel LOBO: The Strange Life of William Jameson in both print and e-book format. It was well formatted and nicely printed gaining a winner's award in the National Indie Excellence Awards. Debra Staples, the publisher, is a very pleasant and knowledgeable person with whom to work.

~ John H. Manhold, professional Book Reviewer


It is a great feeling to know my novels are being taken care of so professionally by SynergEbooks. The conversion to various formats, the copyright, the ISBN number, placement in book stores around the globe, are all taken care of, I don't have to be concerned about any of the services. My concentration can remain on writing more novels to submit.

~ Sharon Kull, Author of The Sunset Investigation Series and the Maxcine & Isabel Series


Deb from SynergEbooks is a pleasure to work with and published my book in a really tight timeframe. She managed everything, including proofing, editing and finding me a compatible artist who designed the cover for both my digital and print formats. I know exactly who I will be going to with my next project.

~ Philip D Groom author of "Heroic Quest - An Optimist's Guide to Life."


In all the books of mine that SynergEbooks has published, both digital and in print, the covers were admirable, the formatting pitch-perfect, and the overall quality just great. I am confident that their new SPECS division is a good choice for any indie author. In fact, I am currently ghosting a book for a client and have told him, since he is self-pubbing, that I think he should let SPECS do the formatting for him.

~ Cynthia MacGregor, Author of ‘Lost Your Best Friend,’ and ‘Say “No” to Midlife Crisis”


SynergEbooks did a terrific job converting my novel, THE PLOT SQUAD, to digital format. The cover is excellent, exactly as I envisioned. Grabs readers' attention. The novel presents beautifully at Amazon Kindle.

~ Robert Ferrier


I have been with SynergEbooks since the beginning. I have enjoyed the experience very much. I find the publication in all the offered formats to be first class work. The translation from manuscript to eBooks and print books is a very smooth one and Debi is very much the professional. The staff that works with her (ie... editors, cover designed, proof readers, and beta readers) do quality work. I would (and have) recommended to many of the authors I have come in contact with.

~ Brenda Roberts, Author of ‘A Cold North Wind’ and ‘In the Fatherland


Working with SynergEbooks to bring my novels to life has always been a smooth, worry-free experience. Everything from the editing process to cover design to final proofing was handle with a high level of professionalism backed by years of experience. One of the company’s strongest asset is its exceptional communication. Any questions or concerns were addressed immediately. A close second asset is SynergEbooks sense of caring. It is especially noted after all the work is done, I always have felt like I was part of a family and that my novels were well nurtured and cared for.

It is a pleasure to pass along my highest of recommendations.

~ James Hoch, Author of The Crimson Pursuit Series and Milford Spitz & the Very Fast Machine


I have had 8 novels printed in paperback and e-books by Debi Staples, publisher of SynergEbooks. The covers are great and the print is very legible and easy to read. I have read all my books. The paper is high quality and the books are the perfect size for paperbacks. The few corrections were dealt with swiftly and I am very satisfied. I will always want to use this service as long as write books.

~ Harvey Mendez, Author of  Yellow Jacket, The Cherokee Murders, Return to Cherokee


I have partnered with SynergEbooks to published five books since 2012. Each of my books received complete line editing, a professionally developed cover, and timely conversion to all of the popular e-book formats. To date SynergE has brought four of my titles to paperback. The true test of any partner is not how they perform when things go well, but rather how they respond to the inevitable hiccups associated with the creative process. Deb Staples, SynergE’s Chief Editor, and her team of artists consistently meet these challenges with a positive attitude and a willingness to work with me to create the best possible solution for my books. Three years ago I had to choose between multiple offers from several small-press publishers. I remain convinced that I chose wisely.

~ Armen Pogharian, Author of the Misaligned and Warders Series


I am very pleased with the professional appearance of my Western novel, SHANNON’S LAND. Debra Staples, publisher, goes to great lengths to ensure the author's satisfaction.

~ D.B. Woodling, Author


SynergEbooks published the most popular book I have written, THE PHILOSOPHY OF MY WANDERING CAT, and I am very glad.

The book, the cover and the illustrations were printed in an exquisite way; they made reading on the Kindle, Nook and iPad very easy and pleasant too.

It was a delight dealing with SynergEbooks Publisher, Deb Staples. Her dedication, professionalism and knowledge of the publishing industry is extraordinary, and her own interest in spirituality made our path soft to walk.

I wholeheartedly recommend SynergEbooks for any of your publishing needs.

~ Elena Iglesias, Author and Journalist


I am deeply grateful for and to SynergEbooks; they published my material when others would not. Debra graciously realized my material was worthy of publication. SynergE has represented my Banana Patch novels well, and they do all they can for all of us SynergE authors to get our product out to the general reading public. From the design of the cover to the various formats that SynergE books uses to get our work publically displayed, SynergE deserves our praise and congratulations! Publisher Deb Staples deserves a huge thank you from all of us. She represents us well and does all she can to get the public to read and buy or written art. Thank you SynergE; thank you Debra Staples

~ Michael David, Author of the Banana Patch novels

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