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AFTER THE COCHLEAR IMPLANT: A Teacher and Parent Guide to Developing Speech and Language  by Elaine Schneider

ISBN: 978-0-7443-2226-2 digital / 978-0-7443-2227-9 paperback
Price: $4.88 US digital / $8.98 US paperback

SYNOPSIS: In this book, you will find strategies for language and/or speech development to be used after a cochlear implant, going by order of the months following surgery; for example, what you might do a few months after surgery, 6 months after, 18 months after, etc. building on what is learned and adding new sounds to those that the brain has learned to interpret.

DOWNHILL: The Building of Healthy and Fast Moving Startups  by Steve A. Day

ISBN: 978-0-7443-1885-2 digital / 978-0-7443-2164-7 paperback
Business/Study Guides
Price: $8.49 US digital / $25.49 US paperback

SYNOPSIS: DOWNHILL represents Steve A. Day’s critical thoughts and experiences that, if followed, should significantly mitigate some of the largest obstacles that a struggling startup business faces. His experiences look at ten significant problem areas and how to prevent breakdown in these areas

SEX IN THE KITCHEN: Not Your Mother's Recipe Book by Debra Laino PhD

ISBN: 978-0-7443-1936-1 digital / 978-0-7443-1937-8 paperback
Price: $4.88 US digital / $19.98 US paperback

SYNOPSIS: SEX IN THE KITCEHN offers you a healthier alternative to sweet treats and cocktails. Dr. Deb Laino believes in whole foods that nourish the body even when you want a treat! Learning how to make healthier decisions can make a huge impact on how you feel! Feeling good leads to better energy and overall better sex! Enjoy


ISBN: 978-0-7443-1116-7-6 digital / 978-0-7443-1159-4 paperback
Price: $4.98 US digital / $11.98 US paperback

SYNOPSIS: When Carol Garvey and her friend Kathy who were finishing up last minute Christmas shopping for Carol’s 10 year-old son, Carol comes across a beautiful jeweled vase that had been put into the garbage after a fire. Carol soon learns that there’s an evil behind that beauty when she brings it home. Now Eric has a very good reason for not wanting to see his mother…

EAT! Empower! Adjust! Triumph! by Nancy S. Mure, PhD

ISBN: 978-0-7443-0483-1 digital / 978-0-7443-0484-8 paperback
Price: $12.99 US digital / $16.99 US paperback

SYNOPSIS: EAT! Empower, Adjust and Triumph our way back to health. EAT! empowers you to gain control over weight loss obstacles and motivates you to adjust old weight loss habits and triumph over them. This shockingly simple, common sense approach to health and weight loss success addresses the ineffectiveness of commercial diet plans, helps you bust through weight loss plateaus and lose ridiculous weight

VOICES FROM VIETNAM: A Collection of War Histories
Edited by Joe Freitus

ISBN: 978-0-7443-1605-6 digital / 978-0-7443-1606-3 paperback
Historical / War / Military
Price: $9.98 US digital / $18.98 US paperback

SYNOPSIS: The Vietnam War was one of the longest wars in American history, and one of the most unpopular wars of the 20th Century. Read about the war that resulted in 60,000 American deaths. These histories, as written, are the voices of men and women who served and survived in that brutal far-off conflict.

6 TALES TO DIE FOR  by William Cole

ISBN: 978-0-7443-0370-4 digital / 978-0-7443-0371-1 paperback
Price: $4.98 US digital / $13.98 US paperback

SYNOPSIS: Six terrifying tales to die for. From ancient evil, mental asylums, Victorian mansions, board games, witch doctors and voodoo, there’s something for everyone.

VOICES FROM KOREA: A Collection of War Histories
Edited by Joe Freitus

ISBN: 978-0-7443-1353-6 digital / 978-0-7443-1375-8 paperback
Historical / War / Military
Price: $9.98 US / $18.98 US paperback 

SYNOPSIS: Five years after the bloodiest war in history, World War II, the world again went to war, this time in a remote place called Korea. Editor Joe Freitus has put together these are histories of men and women who fought that war in far-away Korea.

VOICES FROM A DISTANT WAR: A Collection of War Histories
Edited by Joe Freitus

ISBN: 978-0-7443-0490-9 / 978-0-7443-0491-6
Historical / War / Military
Price: $9.98 US  digital / $18.98 US paperback

SYNOPSIS: VOICES FROM A DISTANT WAR is a collection of 44 short memoirs of those who were part of war, each written in the writers’ own hand. Follow along as editor Joe Freitus reminds us, through the eyes of the men and women who were there, what it is like to serve our country during war-time.


 by Street Poet

ISBN: 978-0-7443-1941-5 digital / 978-0-7443-1958-3 paperback
Price: $3.98 US digital / $7.98 US paperback 

SYNOPSIS: Allow poetry to do it, and it will take you anywhere. From the ocean to the moon, and to the beach and back again, location is no object when traveling by way of the mind’s eye. This compilation of poems is adult oriented and topical. Don’t be surprised to find yourself drifting into thoughts about the ecology and carbon footprints, then shifting to dancing, clubs and drugs. It’s all fair game, fair reader.


BLESS ME FATHER FOR I AM NOT A BORN SINNER: Reflections on the Spiritual Path
by Rev. Aaron Moore

ISBN: 978-0-7443-1117-4 digital / 978-0-7443-1888-3 paperback
Price: $4.98 US digital $7.98 US paperback  

SYNOPSIS: “Bless Me Father For I am Not a Born Sinner” is about recognizing that there is really no intermediary, when it comes to reaching out to the “Source” of life, no matter what one might call that Source. Each one of us has a connection to that Source, and when it comes to reaching out to that Essence, here a call is made to wake up and realize that we are reaching out from that Source, in prayer.


by William Cole

ISBN: 978-0-7443-1118-1 digital / 978-0-7443-1166-2 paperback
Price: $4.98 US digital / $7.98 US paperback 

SYNOPSIS: Something evil lies dormant beneath the streets of Helbourne, Massachusetts, waiting… waiting to once again possess its host. A freakish car accident and the blood of an unborn fetus and its mother awaken that evil. The women on Helbourne have two days to give birth to a male child known as the “perfect” male child. For a father is coming for his son…


 by William Cole

ISBN: 978-0-7443-1117-4 digital / 978-0-7443-1164-8 paperback
Price: $4.98 US  digital / $7.98 US paperback

SYNOPSIS: Four drug dealers steal 1.5 million dollars from a dead psychic who placed a voodoo curse on his money before it was stolen. Psychic Billy Knight vowed on a national television that he would take his money with him to his grave. His curse effects any and all who are associated with it. Temptation may be hard to resist, but it has terrifying consequences in THOU SHALT NOT STEAL.


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